The title is another name for “new”.

New blogs, new life, new friends, new hobbies…

Just watched the movie “Saw 2”, the sequel to “Saw”, and hell those are the most psychotic movie i ever saw!!! But it does teaches us one thing, appreciate life and those around u. I dun wanna spoil the movie, better go and watch it u’rself! 😀

I’ve been thinking, what’s with the kids nowadays? I mean, when I was roughly 9 years old or so, I dun even dare to step out of the house without my mom’s permission. Dun wanna mess with her.. know wot i’m saying here? But the kids nowadays are totally different, there are a few parents came into the cc and ask me about their kids. I mean.. “how the fuck should I know about those kids, eh?”. I’m not saying that my parents are better than this ‘new age’ parents, it’s just that these kids are more.. ‘kurang ajar’. Sorry, that’s the most polite word I can think of now. There are even those who came into the cc and did something like this..

Kid : Bang, bukak PC17, open eh.
Me : Eh, tak boleh, bayar dulu dik.
Kid : *with a loud voice* Hah? Bayar dulu? Tak payah lah, open ajerlah.
Me : *stands up* Aku cakap bayar dulu, ko pulak nak ajar aku.
Kid : Kalau bayar dulu takper lah. *Walk out*

The kid’s lucky he’s not my lil bro.. Bet Boey my friend have faced the same, or near, the situation above. Darn brat!


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