I dunno what to write today. Mental blocking. I had enuff actually. Enuff of people poking through my egoistic mind, challenging me mentally. ‘Nak tengok sekeras mana hati aku’. So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

*keraskan hati*

Maybe it’s wrong for me to tell someone not to go out at 0200 in the morning. I’ve heard oh so many cases lately, and I’m just being a good companian by telling someone not to to it. But what do I get in return? I’ll put that to your imagination…

Maybe it’s because these kinda people have such a thick motherfucking skull, people care about you motherfucker! I can’t make it, so you go out with someone else? Nice..

Found out something cool today. Cradle of Filth is goood.. back to the old “Hail Satan” days..


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