::Onimusha : Dawn of Dreams::

Ok dun bother about the title. It’s the latest game by CAPCOM, the 4th on the Onimusha series. I’m trying to beat the crap out of the enemies there. Somehow the game seems easier than the previous installment.

Sometimes it bothers me when Japanese games went to the market 1st. I mean, I know THEY created the games first (Final Fantasies, Xenosaga, Kingdom Hearts etc) but isn’t it better if they did it like Onimusha 4? The game has the option of changing the language, both written and spoken, to either English or Japanese. Which means I can change the written to English but still maintain the Japanese voices. Ahh the cute voice of the lil children.. and the annoying sound of the bad-ass Genma…

I’m beginning to feel cold here. Fever, coming rite up.. *sigh* Haven’t finish up my work on buku cenderamata.. *sigh* someone please shoot me on the head.. with a real gun that is..

Ah, how come people get piss off when a person who just broke off found someone else? I know, I know, I’m not being a sensitive man.. But aren’t we suppose to somehow.. ‘move on’? *sigh* I maybe wrong, but i dun go around making sending sms, stating something outrageous just to piss people off.

It’s been a while since I last undergo a jamming session with my friends.. Eh maner korang ah? Hilang pulak dah… tumbuk nak? 😛

I miss my PS2.. I dunno if i have a happy life nowadays. But I’m trying to be happy. What’s the point of being sad, eh? And then I came across this words.. got it from someone’s signature on a forum that I join..

All the darkness in the world could never extinguish the flame of a single candle

Nice, eh? Try to understand the meaning of it. Lucifer must be pissed of by now.. *grin*


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