…MonKey MocHa!!::

No one there..

The axe, the bottle, and the rope
The feeling there really is no more hope
The thought of the great unknown
And facing it alone
The dark, the silent, and the cold
The feeling I have come to the end of my road
Yes these are the things I spend my remaining moments with

And the wind blows through my heart
Shivers me one last time
As I now reach out in the dark
No one there

Why did it have to be so hard
For us to live our lives
Again I reach out in the dark in despair

The desperation and the snow
The feeling of finally coming back home
The melancholy and the hole in the soil so hard and cold

Your love for me, my love for you
Things we somehow managed to lose
Now there’s only the ruthless wind
To blow right through
If freezes my heart, my desperate heart
If freezes my heart, my desperate heart
If freezes my heart, my desperate heart
To think we both will die alone


ok i dunno why do i post this song. I’m feeling kinda depressed. It’s like everyone is blaming me for everything. EVERYTHING. I can’t do this, can’t do that. What they are my mom now? C’mon, I’m nobody’s bitch, eh? Most people do this kinda thing for one, pathetic reason – LOVE. Yeah u heard me. Pathetic. Why? Because I’m not their husband! And to make things worst, I’m not even their boyfriend! O_O

It’s my fault we broke up. It’s my fault she falls in love with a person she doesn’t love. It’s my fault that I’m telling her what’s rite and what’s wrong. It’s my fault that I’m trying to move on. It’s my fault.. sheeshh.. Sometimes I think they are taking advantage of me.

I hate this. The centre of all things. I am to be blame? For the love of God why don’t u just shoot me rite on the head? OK the upper head… not the lower ones.. I mean c’mon, I used to be in her shoe. I adore her, but she won’t accept me. Things change. The table has turn. God is Most-Fair. I didn’t ask for all this shit to happen. I just wish that they would stop, for once, stop, blaming me for all this shit. I miss my cupcake, my Ms. Brainy. She told me that if a person truly loves u, that particular person would wish for your happiness, and won’t try to ruin it. I think she’s rite. Thank you Ms. Brain. We’ve secretly been contacting through SMS. She helped me a lot. And it’s weird, too. She’s not even my friend. At least, that’s what she told me. She’s just… someone. Yeah.. someone that I know. She felt the same way towards me too. I’m just, someone, that she knew. But to tell the truth, she’s someone dear to me. She helped me a lot. I dun think I would sit here if she weren’t there, comforting me. Thank you Brain. So, what are we gonna do tomorrow night, Brain? :p

Got a new addiction. Monkey Mocha. Yeah. U heard me. Monkey Mocha. It sounds kinda stupid (especially if it’s a band’s name.. :P) but hey, it tasted better than my friend’s so-called iced milo.

I’m depress. I need to cool things off. Ah yesterday’s jam session was kewl. Finally we got to play Nymphetamine. Though it didn’t exactly sound like Cradle of Filth but hey, try to play it motherfucker!


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