::The Journey::

I stand at the majestic gate, looking forward at what lies ahead of me. The roaring of the metal beasts approach my ear. They looked at me, wondering what am I doing standing in front of the gate. They, didn’t know the burden I’m carrying. The time has come. I must start my journey, else everything shall be in vain.

As I walked through the perilious terrains, the sky flashed. Even the Heavens are against my quest. But my heart is set. I will, I MUST, complete what I’ve started.

The Heavens started to pour out it’s content. A drip, then a drop.. The next thing I know the skies are falling, drop by drop. I held on to my only shield. Countless of humans, from the dark-coloured skin to the most fairest of them all, runs for their lives. Did I bring these upon mankind?

As I journeyed through the land, I’ve stumbled upon countless traps. It seems that even the Earth are against my journey. Will this stop my quest? NEVER! A puny trap won’t stop me!

I manage to dogde the traps laid down for me. Here, alas, I stand in front of the gigantic building. Inside dwells hundreds and hundreds of people of all colours, all with their purpose. I don’t know if I manage to outcome them all, but I MUST! With sheer bravery, I stepped into the vortex…

People are around me. With my luck (which is at 255), I manage to walk in stealth. The coldness is biting me. I can’t feel my leg anymore. But I must continue on! I can see my objective. I MUST complete this!

After the perilious journey, I stand in front of him. The person I MUST speak to to fulfill my quest, my DESTINY….

“Wah, Kingdom Hearts 2 English sudah kluar! Ini baru sampai..”

“OK! Satu aaahh..”

“Lu jalan dalam hujan sebab mau beli ini game kaaa? Itu Square-Enix musti sayang lu punya loohh.. heheheh.. Lima ringgit..”



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