.:SoLiTaRy SheLL::

It’s been a while since I last wrote my stuff here.

Why, oh why, does Love accompanied by Jealousy? Did they made a pack, long before humans walked the earth? I, myself, felt that jealousy is a burden. It’s something that I wish I could cast away.


It’s because of it that The Great Lucifer (or Azazil) fell from the highest level to the lowest level of creature, thus taking the name Satan (or Iblis). And because of it, the first murder was done by Prophet Adam’s sons. It seems like jealousy is always in a human’s heart.. no.. it’s a PART of the human’s heart. It’s a burden, so heavy that I can’t bear it anymore.


Another of God’s marvelous creation. Because of it, we were born. Because of it, we were fed. Because of it, we were able to breath, talk, eat, laugh, cry, etc. But, with Jealousy tagging along, is Love a blessing from above, or a deadly curse, cast upon mankind for their mischievious way?

I dunno. Love is both. A curse and a blessing.

Such is the miracle of God.


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