Ok, I’m sitting here in front of the damn PC at 1:00am in the fucking morning wearing my blue ‘baju melayu’ WITH a ‘samping’ AND a ‘songkok’. Why? Because I’m fucking waiting for the fucking keys to this cyber-cafe…

How bad can this situation be, aye? *sigh*

Just got home from BNM/MCM dinner at Puteri Pacific Hotel (previously Pan Pacific Hotel). Dinner’s ok. Nothing much happened except that I finished a hefty amount of prawns and chicken single-handedly WITH a chopstick. Yep. They went “WTF Aloi can uses chopsticks?” (oh, btw, they call me ‘Aloi’ at the office), and all I said was “Uhhh.. my dad’s a chinese, remember?”. Ignorance is bliss. 😀

No jamming this week. I think this explains the bad mood that I’m feeling this week. Fucking bassist got a fewer. Got damn it he’s fucking huge for God’s sake! An abomination, even! Can’t even fight a damn fever! I know.. I know.. it’s not MY band but for the love of God I am part of the jam session!! I played the fucking guitar God damn it! I even did that Shaolin Guitar Techniques and that Tantra Exercise, those that could strenghten u’r finger.. Hell I even practise some licks for that 18 bar song called Little Wings. And all I get was “Jamming canceled. Pejal demam”. Now I’ll hafta wait for another week to get my hands on the fretboard.. That no-good Pejal… !&^@&*($*(@#&^$%^$^ T_T

Oh, and I have a story. There’s this guitarist, a cool one. He’s my friend. Hell of a guitarist. Then one day he woke up and said “I wanna be Mike Portnoy”. GOD DAMN IT SHAH PLAY U’R GUITAR DAMN IT!! 😛

I’ll be going to Langkawi next week. Yay! *prepares stuff* And thanks to Boey and Fariz for giving me the Hard Gay thingamajie. God damn it that’s soo funny I wish I’m ga- …. Uhhh.. forget I said anything..


It’s already 1:20am and this CC is STILL ON BUSINESS…. God Help Me.. T_T


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