Come Crawling Faster!!


Emotionally unstable. And it’s proven that I can’t think straight. *sigh*

And now thanks to Pejal, no more jamming2 for me.. at least.. not like it use to be… Fucking bassist toying with my emotion.. I’ma slit his throat..

I can only tell people how to look at things in a positive way, but I can’t force them to think like that. This is the fact that I hafta live for the rest of my live, which reminds me of the story of Muhammad s.a.w. He was the greatest person ever walk the earth, yet he himself can’t convert his beloved uncle into Islam. Talk about irony…

Went to UTMJB yesterday with Fariz HG, Elaine the Grandma, My Rai and Tick2… Yup.. THE Tick2 whose name I’ll pronounce TETEK.. *scratches head* Anyway.. we went there to watch this so-called Battle of the Band, if you can actually call it Battle of the Band. All I see is a few morons making a fool of themselves on the stage singing ‘Pieces’ by Sum 41 WITH THE LYRICS ON HIS FUCKING HAND!!!! For the love of God, shoot him please!! @.@

Anyway life has it’s twist and turns. It’s amazing how people can easily ask for a break-up without thinking about the consequences, the chain reaction to that move. Yeah, to all those who knew me long enough, you’ll remember the time when I’m a ‘chess-freak’. And I’m still a chess-freak!! 😛 Point is, I tend to think like when I’m in a game.. ahead of time, positional thing, sacrifice, perfect combination… Hence I can’t really let the time solve my problem or heal my pain. This is why I hate myself sometimes. I envy those who could just sleep away their problem, who could just let time heal everything.


I need help. -_-“


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