Complete this, aye?

Complete This Sentence ???
(ripped from Berry’s blog. :P)

i am not: perfect
i hurt: myself to see how much I bleed
i love: no one
i hate: those who hurt me
i fear: The Most Merciful One…
i hear: voices in my head
i crave: for freedom
i regret: hurting people
i cry: every night…
i care: about someone…
i always: love her
i long to: be free
i feel alone: all the time
i listen: to voices in my head
i hide: my psychotic ego
i drive: my family’s car
i sing: when I’m sad or happy
i dance: on my enemy’s sorrow

i write: my part of life
i breathe: His air
i play: guitars and myself.. 😛

i miss: no one
i search: for His Grace
i learn: from Ustaz Ishak Itam
i feel: sorrow and gloomy
i know: that all death are certain

i say: i love you when i mean it
i succeed: in hurting myself
i fail: to be the perfect person
i dream: about my freedom
i sleep: alone
i worry: about my economy
i have: a broken heart
i give: my heart to others
i fight: for what i believe in

i wait: for my turn to be free…..
i need: a decent meal
i am: another pathetic person who walks the earth
i think: about it all the time….
i can’t help the fact that: my heart was smash to bits..
i stay: in Johor Bahru.. damn it…


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