Happy Burstday,

It’s my burstday on 11th of November… Cool… 😛

Nothing much on my birthday… I got a few cards, MCM JB bought a chocolate cake for me (we ate it between intervals of our Ms Excel course) and I got a pair of boxers courtesy of my Rai. n.n;;

Still wasting my life on my PS2 albeit Final Fantasy XII, wanted to go out with ’em guys but they are busy with their exam. Well, at least Shah and Elaine are damn busy with their exams, while Fariz is busy doing his masters.. huhuhahahha

MCM JB actually forced me to participate in some Ms Excel Intermediate course on my birthday. Dangg… later that day we went to BNM JB’s branch manager, En. Aziz’s open house. Damn his house is damn huge! Situated at the Straits View, his house LITERALLY has the Straits of Tebrau’s view. T_T

And finally I can play HALF of the Final Fantasy X’s ending theme on the guitar. God damn it it’s freaking simple!! T_T

I miss u guys. Where the hell are u all damn it???!!!!! Biler nak pegi makan bubur lagiii???


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