Yes! I am back! HOOOOOOO!!!
Entered 2007 the same way I’ve entered 2006… Nothing much is new.. Except of course I’ve found new friends, (BAYAH BAYAM IS THE SIS EVER!! :P) and those long-lost friends…
One of my bestfriend really hurt me. And to top up the pain, I didn’t do anything now, aye? I mean… I didn’t intentionally hurt her feelings or something like that. I dunno what have got into her…. maybe she watched too many movies?
Oh! Oh! I’ve furthered my study in UiTM Melaka. Met new friends there. They are a bunch of to-old-to-study man and woman trying to set things right, just like me. Education is a must. Nowadays people just by the papers u possess, not the skills. You can be such a fuck but when u run around telling those interviewers u got a master, u’ll get u’r self a job.
Trying to beat Dragon Quest 8 and Rogue Galaxy. Can’t wait for God Of War 2 to be released. Oh I’ve borrowed a black Ibanez Gio from Topek, Bayah’s lil bro. Abeh lah aku dapatkan sume lead lagu. Let’s start with Crazy by Aerosmith… I go crazy.. crazy.. crazy.. for u babi… I mean.. baby…

One thought on “I AM BACK!

  1. Hey at last!!
    Ingatkan dah retired dah from blogging.
    Anyways a nice come back babi err I mean baby~

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