I am so sorry!!

I am so sorry Elaine! I was forced to do it! It ain’t my fault! U know I won’t lie to my old grandmama now, aye? T.T

10.3.2007, Shah has met with an accident. Called up Elaine. She came to the Hospital, controlling her so-called nacho-libre, I mean, macho-ness thang. We talked to her, explain to her how chronic and serious Shah was, and she started to have ’em WATERY EYES. We try to cool her down, telling her to pray for our dear friend. We ushered (btol ker aku eja nih?) her to Danga Bay, talked things over. It seems that Shah has been acting up real strange and our dear Ms Eliana didn’t notice the difference. Poor Eliana. She was feeling rather guilty, full of remorse. She even notice that Shah gave her a lil present. She must be pretty tied up inside. We were quite angry at her, she knew Shah didn’t have enough sleep, and he was pretty mad at his discussion group. She didn’t stop him from going back to JB.

Eliana’s face was full of tears and mucus from her nose. We can see how sad, how guilty, how remorse she must have felt. Suddenly, miracles happen. An unknown person walked up slowly behind her and touched her shoulder lightly, telling her to “Sabarlah ni kan dugaan”. She turns to look, and LO AND BEHOLD, SHAH’S STARED BACK AT HER WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE. An angel? A demon? Nenek Kebayan? Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam? Puteri Gunung Ledang? Nope. It’s just US PLAYING A SICK PRANK ON OUR GRANNY, MS. ELIANA TAKBIR.


After that it was full of laughters, and of course we were SERIOUSLY scared of our granny suddenly turned into a super-saiya, limit-break, trance, thing. Maybe her bar went up to the max and she uses the desperation move. Down Back Down Forward + Heavy Punch. Started the chasing scene. Thank God I didn’t get that super-deadly-hellish-angelic-holy-Crabby Punch. I’m telling ya. I prefer to die by Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare rather than living with Eliana’s Crabby Punch scar on my body.

All’s well end’s well. Just to tell her how much we all LOVED her! And also to teach her how to at least APPRECIATE THOSE AROUND U, AS ‘LATER’ MIGHT BE TOO LATE. A lesson everyone should learn and understand. Eliana’s lucky she learned it this way. Others learn it the hard way. T.T

What kind of sick fuck are we anyway, hanging out at the hospital’s A & E? Oh and we are proud of ourselves, aye Fariz? We are like THE partner in crime.. Bonny and Clyde, urm.. who’s gonna be Clyde?

Happy Birthday Granny. Hell of a birthday present now, aye? 😛


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