Weird People.. T.T

Lately I’ve been talking and laughing with a bunch of weird peoples. There are a bunch of weird girls and boys, woman and children who doesn’t know just when to stop. I mean come on, you’ve already commit mistakes, then all you do is bitching about how others are at fault while you are as innocent as a baby. I’ve been bumping into these kinda person since I was in form 4. Awww man when will this curse stop?

I cannot put the full details here coz there is so much details to put in! Seriously. Let’s just say that these kind of people are so egoistic until they can’t admit their own fault. They tend to do whatever it takes so that the favor goes to them. What’s funnier is that these kind of people tend to say things like “ALLAH tuh Maha Adil” or “Tuhan tu Maha Mengetahui”, and then followed by “Tunggu ajelah balasan Allah!” etc.. Allah is Omniscience. This means that HE knows EVERYTHING. In Arabic, one of Allah’s Glorious Names is “Al-‘Aleem”, which means He Who Knows Everything. This is where the word “ilmu”, “ulama” derrived from. He is so great that even the word “ilmu” (knowledge) is from His Name. So, this means that EVERYTHING, yes, EVERYTHING, is within His Knowledge, and NONE are from us, unless what He wanted us to know.

By EVERYTHING, I mean that EVERYTHING, INCLUDING THOSE WORDS THAT THESE WEIRD PEOPLE TWISTED, PLOTTED OR WHATEVER THEY DID IN ORDER TO TURN THINGS TO THEIR FAVOR. This is why I say that they are weird. They claimed that Allah Knows Everything and Allah is Just and Swift in the Retribution, but lo and behold, it is they who are on the wrong side! These people are usually afraid to meet people face to face, but rather, they get the help of others. (Others here is those whom they manage to brainwashed and twist to their favor). Problem is I am one of those who are NOT afraid to meet up with these kind of people face to face, EVEN IF I AM ALONE. This is not a bragging statement or whatever, as I know that this kind of attitude tend to lead me to problems. But what can I say? I was taught this way, and those who learn with me will have the same attitude. We are not afraid of these kind of people. You can bring with you the whole world but we are not afraid!! DO NOT SHOW THAT YOU ARE INNOCENT AND USE ALLAH’S NAME WITH IT!! COZ IF I CAN PROVE TO YOU CRYSTAL CLEAR THAT YOU ARE DEAD WRONG, I AM NOT AFRAID TO KICK YOUR ASS TO THE MOON!!

Everyone has their dark side. Just make sure that you are not using ALLAH’s name to cover your dark side.

These people didn’t know that we are actually laughing at their own stupidity. The stupidity of their action to cover their own ass. They are willing to do EVERYTHING to make people believe that they are innocent. They can fool others, but they can’t fool me and my bros. We kept quite, playing dumb so that we can laugh at their stupidity. They think that we kept quite coz they won. I pity them… *sigh*

Am I a physco (the miss-spelled is intentional) magnet?


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