No Topic needed…

I’ve heard about “I complaint about not having a shoe, until I met a man with no leg” kinda thing. I think it’s an age-old saying. Well believe it or not, it happened to me, literally.
Some of those people from HQ came over to MCM JB today. One of ’em is this Technical’ Head of Department. That makes him the boss of every Technical Executives that work under MEPS and MCM. This guy has almost everything. He has a good pay, a house, a dream car, a big family, good job.. U name it, he got it. But… last year he met with an accident and he lost his right leg. Not the up to the knee, but from his thigh. He has no right leg, literally.
Watching him made me feel, well, u know, kinda like, sad. I mean all of us can achieve what we’ve always wanted, be it a dream car, dream house, lovely spouse, a good job with high salary, but when we are busy chasing these so-called “reason for living”, we over-looked the “things that kept us living”.. these God-given gift that no one can replace. You cannot just go to a store and buy u’rself a new eyesight, heck even the eye. It is sad coz once u lost these blessings, they are lost. Forever.
So enough about these things. Went to Perlis for the 41st anniversary of Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Malaysia. Not as big as the 40th anniversary in Ipoh but hey, I’ve journeyed from south of Malaysia up to the farthest north HOOOO!!! We nearly met an accident, though. -_-” Slept the whole time, I don’t have the patient to sit and wait for 12 damn hours in the bus. How I wish i own a PSP… T.T
Life is getting better, or that’s how I look at it. I am in the process of forgetting someone, someone whom I should have choose to love long ago. This is the 2nd time I am going through regrets. Regrets of letting her. Trying to call and sms her but she won’t reply. I know she hates me. I just know it.
I hate these feelings. I wish she would be here and tell me it’s ok. Kinda miss her attitute.. Kesian dier lurus sgt slalu kene sakat dengan aku..
Life goes on now, aye?

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