New job brings new life.

New job!

I am in the marketing field now. Kinda sucks, considering that my attitude is NOT for the sales line. Yet there I was, walking and selling stuff that is so expensive you can buy a house with it.

Working with a chinese company has it’s, well, different atmosphere. You no longer understand what your colleague is talking about (unless, of course, they are speaking in English or Malay), you will feel pressure, and YES, you MUST learn how to use your time well.

Nothing much is there to talk about at my new office. This is because I don’t actually STAY in the office, BUT there is one major significant change on my new job. I go home at 1715, that’s 5.15pm. I arrive at home roughly around 1730, and I found myself dumb-struck coz I DUNNO WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO!

Hehe.. jogging anyone?


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