Encik Li dan gitar Ibanez nya..


I went to Herman Li’s guitar clinic and it was AWESOME!! He was so freaking fast, but that’s about it. He’s fast, and he’s technical. But when it comes to musical skills, I think he lacks a few finer points here and there. And he plays with his tongue. Man, his wife sure is lucky… šŸ˜›

I kinda miss someone right now. And it’s torturing me. Can’t get her out of my mind. Oh.. and I am sick. I can’t stand up straight. I can’t even perform my solat properly. Man, I must be dying. If I am to die, I hope I’ll die handsome šŸ˜›

Work? Sucks. ’nuff said…

The Monkey Mocha performed at the UTM Battle of the Band yesterday. They were great! But we can’t actually hear Shah’s guitar, and Fariz forgot his lyrics, but hey! That is how DragonFroce started their band, aye? šŸ˜›

Those UTM-ians dunno pure talent when they see one.


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