The blue thing called Spot…

Hahahahah blogging is good. Blogging is fun.

My job’s a hassle. My boss is a being a fucker. Man I wish I could just give him one hell-of-a-punch right on his face. But naahh.. I’ll skip it for later.

New friends means new life. I found a new.. well.. ‘friend’.. at MISTI. It’s an acronym (?) for Minggu Sains Johor. Has one good educative things there, thanks to PetroSains and Auspac.. 😛 heheheheheh

I’m feeling kinda down lately. I don’t know how to express these feelings. But it sucks. Big time. So what did I do? Go to karaoke with my dear Lilo…!! Hahahaha.. gile aku pegi karaoke *benci aku* So I did what I do best.. screw the atmosphere!! 😛 We sang and laugh like a mad man laughing at the rain.

The YDP of PSSCM CJDT was admitted to HSA due to a heart attack. ALLAH is truly THE GREATEST. The big guy was down on the bed, gasping for breath. How I wish I could help him. And Nazeema’s aunt was admitted, too. She was down with diabetes and had to had her leg amputated. I was soooo freaking sad when I visited her but hey, All might belongs to Him, aye? Hope both of these great and strong man and woman can overcome the obstacles.

Ok I admit. I’ve met someone. She is nice. She is great. She always make me laugh. AND she can accept most of my sarcastic jokes. Hmm… but this is for later, aye? I am beginning to.. well.. getting comfortable around her. Yet, I think problems will arise if I decide to take one step further.. So, like what she said.. “Waiting for a miracle to happen..”

Oh, for those of you who wonder about the title of this post, I have the answer right here —> I have no idea about the blue thing.. hahah *menang*


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