My mom was hospitalized due to an unknown factor. I dun really know what am I feeling know. It’s a sick feeling, in which you are seeing with your own eyes how your mom is suffering yet you cannot do anything aside from praying and hoping that she would get well soon.

Allah is trying to tell us something. Everything is from Him. He is the Al-Mighty, He is the One Giving Ailment and Cure. I seriously hope and pray that she will get well soon.

We are taking one step further. Dalam bala ada nikmat. Thank you sooo much Roslinda and Nazeema. These 2 girls has helped me a lot. Tatau camne nak balas jasa dorang. Hahahaha Iema setan! Kalau ko bace blog nih, aku nak ucapkan terima kasih sbb bersahabat ngan aku… šŸ˜› and to Roslinda, thank you sooooo much!! Saaaayangg awak!! šŸ˜›

Nazeema on the left, with Fatimah, her room mate.. hahahah iema setan gilo!

Roslinda and Me @ Bubur.. hahahahahah macam setan!


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