I’ve always browse around http://www.youtube.com, searching for any new videos and stuff that I like. Most of the times I’ll search for live videos from my favourite band and, of course, some of the gruesome death videos. From execution to accidents, you name it, I’ll search for it! But, I’ve come across some of the videos that has something to do with religion, mainly Islam. Some comments on Islam without actually know what is Islam. SOOOO I decide to blog about Islam. This does not means that I am such a devoted and pious muslim. This is what I truly believes in and this is all I can do thus far to fight and protect the religion which I love so dearly.

Islam is a religion brought to Earth by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The word “ISLAM” derived from an arabic word “SALAM” which means “Safe” or “Tranquility” “Serenity”. The word “Islam” itself, in fact, was not given by the Prophet Muhammad, but it was given by Allah Himself.

“This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion”

Holy Quran, Al-Maidah:3

So basically Islam is NOT a religion INVENTED by Muhammad S.A.W, but it’s a religion which is from Allah and was given to us through Muhammad S.A.W.

So basically Islam does not promote killings of the non-believers. This is proven when Muhammad S.A.W himself opens up Madinah and allows the Jewish to settle there alongside the fellow muslim. Islam taught us to defend ourself, killing is only if there is NO OTHER SOLUTIONS. We do have capital punishment, but this is done only after ALL OF THE REQUIREMENT WERE MET and not SOME OF THE REQUIREMENT! Even if all of the requirement were met, if the family of the victims decide to forgive the condemned, the condemned is set free, but he/she will have to pay the victim’s family some amount, be it in order of cash, or cattle etc.

People out there say something bad about Allah, about Muhammad, and about the Holy Qur’an. Heck they even say that the Qur’an copies the bible etc. This is not so. It’s simple. If the Qur’an were copies of the Bible, then I’d say that the Bible is a copy of Torah, since Torah came before Bible. In the Bible, there is the Old Testament, it is said to be Moses’s book, and the New Testament, said to be Jesus’s book. Yet we, the muslim, strongly believes that there’s NEW testament, there’s OLD testament, and heck there must be some sort of and FINAL Testament to clarify both books. Yeah you’ve guessed it, we believed that Al-Qur’an is the LAST TESTAMENT send down to us to clarify all the other books. We, the muslims, MUST believe the other books, the Psalm (Zabur), Torah (Taurat), Bible (Injil) and Al-Qur’an. So we do not actually say they are 100% wrong, we are saying that Muhammad S.A.W came to perfected the religion and to unite all the people under one God.

But of course there are some of the religions which clearly oppose Muhammad’s teachings. The Christian’s trinity concept if one of them. We believe that Jesus is Allah’s Prophet, one of the five Ulul’azmi or Great Prophet. He did preach to his people, yet he DID NOT DIE on the cross. He was ascended to Heaven with Allah’s Will and he will descend back to Earth to fight and kill Dajjal (or Anti-Christ as the Christians calls him).

Look at it this way. Bible did not teach the Christians how to handle those who commits blasphemy, or adultery, or thief etc. How those previous people punish the criminal is based on human thoughts. But the Bible stated that these people have commited sins and God hated them until they repent. But with the coming of Al-Qur’an, it’s stated in it that God hated them until they repent, they have commited sins, just like the Bible BUT WITH ONE MORE THING, the punishment they must faced to balance the justice.

Muhammad S.A.W does not copy the Bible, this is not possible. He can’t even read! The original Bible came from Allah S.W.T. so does the Al-Qur’an. There is so many scientific prove in the Qur’an to prove that it is from Allah and NOT from a human’s writing. I’ll blog about this later on.

I wish that you, who is reading my blog right now, to stop and think about Islam. It doesn’t matter if you are a muslim or not. Stop judging Islam. Don’t say things that you don’t know. I believe that all religion teaches their believers to do good deeds.

So please stop hating Islam.


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