I am so freaking down. Everyone seems to be doing so well and I am happy for ’em. My best-butt, I mean, bud, Shah, now got a job in Kiswire (is this how u spell it, bitch?), and he’s making quite progress. Injured his knee during the process of ‘sitting down’ (or so he said) and end up having that weird chinese patch on his left knee. But he is doing great and I am proud to be his friend. Hahaha dah keje baru tau penat kan kimak? 😛

Princess Lilo, now she’s made a HUGE, and I do mean, HUGE, progress in her life. Her Mr.Panjang did that merisik thing and yeah she’s gonna get married. Boo hoo the nightmare came true. I am finally losing my bestest friend I ever had. Dah tak bole lagi ajak lepak2, although I know that Panjang doesn’t mind at all. Kene hormat maaa.. orang sudah mau kawin… hahaha… Princess, I am proud of you. Finally ader orang jaga dah.. I can rest in peace knowing that you are in good hands. Tapi jangan risau.. anak ko tetap akan ku goda supaya menyertai diriku ini hahahaha!!! *Hari ini uncle Just ajar mende baru*

Fariz is doing his master, and he’s doing great. Well at least that’s what he told me. It’s kinda ironic. You see.. Fariz sucks big time in Chemistry back in our high school days. And when I say sucks, I mean sucks… He can even sleep in the damn class, and he even showed me his report card and trust me, it ain’t pretty hahahahaha….

Bayah @ Kak Noi dah lama tak contact. She’s damn busy kat Pontian, ntah ape tah die buat. Tapi she’s such a nice Big Sis. Rindu nak sepak pelipat dier huhu… But she’s doing great. Offered hell of an advice, though sometimes her words seems like a freaking drunk woman trying to pretend that she is a cowgirl.

Firdauz @ Bullu @ Boo Loo is currently posted in Pontian. He said that he’s starting to like that place. Forgot the name of the place but I’m sure he’ll be happy and content there. Though he seems more sissy now (kimak ajak jam penatlah, demamlah.. ngada2), but he’s fun to be with.

Elaine, last I’ve heard from her, is STILL babysitting that Izz dude. Hehehe.. belajar2 tinggi2, balik umah jadi nanny. Tapi takpe, she seems to enjoy it, and she’s having that bond/chemistry thing with that kid. I think that kid is calling her ‘mama’.. I wonder does she even breast-feed Izz? Ugly.. ugly sight… T.T

Other’s are moving on towards their lives the normal way. Going to work, work like their lives depends on it (which it is), go home, sleep, repeat step one. The same goes for me. Oh I am changing my job (again). Now I’ll be serving Lynn’s company, Auspac Solutions, as a System Support. I am also trying to learn PHP, I wonder what does that means. Hahaha.. I guess I am moving on, too.

Life is really challenging me. I have to face it up, and the most scariest part is that I am facing it alone. Family is there but hey, people don’t know the darkest part of my life, my family etc. People around me are pushing me around, putting the blame on me. Yeah, let the black sheep of the family took the blame. Let the most unsuccessful, most lamest of ’em, took the blame.

I hate these people. Tau lah aku bodoh tapi tak payahlah blame aku. Sampai bila? Just because I dun have a fucking degree, a fucking master, doesn’t mean that I don’t have the right to live, the right to love and be loved. Damn it..

I miss her…


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