….. Boring post…

Ok. I’m not rich enough to buy both of these OSes.

BUT… being a freak (a poor freak, that is), i uses flyakiteOSX and transform my office PC into a more Mac feel. Hence my poor PC got pimped by me, and it has most of the Mac interfaces, including the dock. No screenshot available, though. :p

Then, after a trip to the second office (called O2 by my colleagues) and having a glimpse at Mr. Wong’s laptop, I suddenly felt something magical when I look at his Windows Vista. Yeah, I know, I can’t make up my mind. Thank God I’m not THAT rich to buy those OSes, so I got back to my office, browse for some Vista Theme on XP, and found that they have such theme, only without those Aero interfaces. So I guess what the heck, just try the interface.

So I downloaded the pack, uninstall it and try out the theme. Forgot the link, though, but u need to patch up the theme.dll in your pc. The flyakiteOSX did this for me, so no problem there. And so began my PC’s life as a mock Windows Vista. It has most of the Vista interfaces, except the glassy effect. The theme did not change my icons and logon screen to a normal Windows, and due to the fact that I uses flyakite before, now I have a Mac logon screen, a Mac icon and a Vista interface. I dunno if I should feel happy or bad about it. T.T

I think I’ma buy meself a new PC WITH Vista. That’ll do the trick hahaha…

Oh, and iMac launches MacBook Air. The world thinnest laptop. It’s not even 1 inch thick, and weights around 1.36kg. What kind of a technology is this man…. T.T Uses and Intel Core Duo 2 chipset, though. :p

Oh well… job’s a hassle. And I like Hui Ming. Hehehehe :p

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