Damn it.
Why can’t I have the peace and serenity that I’ve longed for? For crying out loud, I work my ass all the time and I don’t even have enough time to finish my Devil May Cry. Yeah guys, the FIRST Devil May Cry. Not to mention the math equation of my life here :-

workload + monthly pay

what the heck. And yeah, skarang aku makin lama makin lepaskan ape yang terpendam selama ini. The dark side of me is taking over. (Damn that sounds biblical haha) I don’t need someone to smoothers me. I don’t need someone to tell me what’s right and what’s wrong. I just need some support damn it. For some reason, I’m sick of everything! I wish… I have enough money to run away, just for 2 or 3 days. Run away from EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!! Just go to anywhere that nobody knows me, and relax my god-forsaken mind. I imagine, a beach… will lots and lots of small and cute child, with lots and lots of MILF with huge titties and butts hahaha…

I just need to relax my mind, that’s all.

Kusut kepala fikir!!

Aku dah penat jaga hati orang. Dah penat fikir orang lain punye susah, orang lain punye perasaan. Heck aku ader jugak perasaan ok? I’m a fucking normal human being damn it. I need money, space, time, comrade, friends etc. I have a small fucking thing called heart damn it!! No matter how black, how fucking disgusting my heart is, it is still, in fact, a god damn HEART! I know the feeling of being left alone, the feeling of being smoothered, the feeling of serenity etc. What’s with you??

I wish… I wish this would all go away.

Go away!

I wanna lie down and sleep. Yeah, sleep. Been lacking of it lately.

And I wanna enjoy my time with my console. I wanna enjoy the sweet smell of Mummy’s Nescafe (God knows I can’t live without it).

And I want, no, I need a fucking burger!

Ignore this entry. It’s a totally fucked up entry from my twisted mind.

I think I’m going insane…


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