Currently there’s a new clip that hit the Net. It’s called ‘Fitna’, taken from the Arabic word ‘Fitnah’, which means to threw false accusation, or something disastrous that can have monstrous effect. This video was clearly made by a stupid person named Geert Wilder, a Dutch politician. Well I dun fucking care if he’s a politician or a king. He’s stupid. Enough said.

The clip started with a depiction of the Quran being open up, and one of the caricatur that depicted Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is shown, with the turban being changed into a bomb. Later on the clip started with a surah being read, and depicted clips and clips of suicide bombing, the WTC incident (which clearly shows that the USA is still undecided if the Muslims are behind the attack), and such other attrocities.

Clearly Wildeer is stupid enough not to know that to study Qur’an is to study the context of the Qur’an, just like if you wanna study any religious books. Even a person like me can clearly answer his questions and FITNAH regarding Islam, I believed that the learned people of the book can do better than I do. May the curse of Allah be upon him.

Other than that, life is becoming much more harder. I became harsh. I hate the surroundings. The only time that I truly love is the time when I am sleeping, sleeping away from the miserable people around me.

It’s ok. I can face all this alone, insyaAllah. People around me only know their own feelings, without thinking about what am I facing. When things get out of hand, when I can’t give them what they want, THEY LEFT ME. Act of Friendship? Yeah right. Act of Love? Yeah, right.

Facing these stuff alone is hard enough. Being pushed is another thing. May Allah protect me and give me serenity… T.T


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