A new home.. A new hope…

Hey Hey!

Thanks to Boey, now I am using wordpress as my bloghost.

Life is currently in turmoil. For the first time ever, I am facing countless and countless of problems with less and less people around me to support me and stuff like that. Well, I know now that sometimes people whom u cared with all your heart will not always be by your side. It is up to you, yourself, and your own courage to pick yourself up when you are down…

… only to find that you are being thrown back to the ground…

So after that, I have finally realize, that no matter how much you truly love someone, no matter how hard you try, you can’t just believe that the person will always be there with you through thick and thins. Thanks to a particular someone, my trust to people around me slowly diminish. Can’t blame the person, though.

Job’s a hassle. Got to give out training on Tuesday 29th April for the 3-S system, and finally I will hand over my job to the new support, and I was ordered to fully support the SPPJ system. Can I trust these people?

A new hobby that I took up is participating in the cari forum. I joined mostly the RSF section. (RSF = Religion, Spiritual and Faith). Although the people there are friendly, there are some non-muslims there who acted as if they KNEW ALL ABOUT ISLAM and they THINK that they have the right to bad-mouthed Islam. One of them even claimed that he/she knew Al-Qur’an better than I do. I am quite amused by the statement, so I asked the person, does he/she reads the Qur’an in Arabic? He/she said no, but the translation is enough. So yeah… if that is what he/she claimed as “well-versed” in the Qur’an, I wonder what does he/she calls a person who actually, formally STUDIED the Qur’an in it’s mother tongue. I’m not trying to be prejudice on the non-muslims, ya? I have tonnes of non-muslim friends, heck even my boss is a non-muslims, but they never failed to show their respects towards Islam.

So after all that, the conclusion is… In Allah, I trust.


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