Pata.. Pata.. Pata Pon!!! FORWARD!

Now, the Pata-Fever has gotten into me..

Patapon’s 300 parody poster.

Ok. That’s just the parody, but hey… I love those little guys who fought like big heroes. More on them HERE.

So basically, the Patapons are great race. (No foes were too strong. No treasures were unreachable. No land goes unconquered) but stuff happens and they lost a battle with their enemies the Zigoton. So being their ‘God’, we must guide them to war, by hitting a living drum (something like a divine drum) and move them to victory. It’s a rhythm-based game (much like the Para Para Dancing game and Guitar Hero Series) plus a cute (but VERY DEADLY) creatures under your command. A very entertaining game, i must say.

That’s about the game I’m into right now. Here comes the working part. Freaking SPPJ’s Live Run ain’t so lively, or so it seems. Every goes haywire thanks to the ICT Department didn’t check their data. Our system can’t run with a problematic data (heck, NO system can run under a problematic data), so we had to call it a day. Nampaknya, payment kene pending lah yerk…

On Saturday, we went to Bukit Timbalan for some last-minute routine before the Live Run (which was on Monday). Suddenly, I became a baby-sitter… :p Here’s the picture:

2 Budak Botak

I know, I look ugly. But check out that baby. Damn cute maaaa… (Lin cakap, 2 budak botak amik gambar.. -_-” )


3 thoughts on “Pata.. Pata.. Pata Pon!!! FORWARD!

  1. alooolooo.. comel nyer 2 budak botak itu..

    suke tgk gambar nihh.. so, bile kite nk ade camtuh pulakk? :p

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