Neo-mius Exkrefemisteriusium…

Made a few changes in my office, and bought some new stuff. But I forgot to take picture of my old office table setup, but here’s the new setup..

1. The legendary Acer TravelMate 3210 laptop with the iMac theme, courtesy of Cik Lynda.

2. The nescafe brought from home. (Nothing can beat a home-made nescafe)

3. The tray where I put my car keys and stuff. The top part of the tray is where I put my docs.

4. Izharul Haq. I carried if with me to and fro between my office and my home. Treasured it so much.

5. Epson’s 2008 calender. Oh how time flies.. T.T

6. The new headphone, again, courtesy of Cik Lynda.

7. New space area for me to bang my head until it bleeds. Haha.

Bought new stuff, too..

The new casing for my PSP. Ntah macam mana tah, tiba2 rasa nak beli casing baru. So bye bye crystal casing.. hehehe. Encik PSP won’t feel cold and lonely anymore…

Ini pulak encik capal putih. I call him, Mr. PVC. Wanted to buy the leather capal but somehow they only sell it on Hari Raya, which is way to long for me to wait. So I’ll have to settle with this for now.


14 thoughts on “Neo-mius Exkrefemisteriusium…

  1. camne sebut dia : Neo-mius Exkrefemisteriusium…

    hahahhahahahhaa.. comel…

    eh nape muke aku ade pulak tselit kat gambo tuh… :))

  2. ohh.. senang je nak sebut dia.. sebut macam nih :- Neo-mius Exkrefemisteriusium, yg Exkrefemisteriusium nih kene sebut laju2, kalau tak, maknanya lain.. hahahha..

    ehhh, muka sapa? mana ada muka? itu mulut dengan lubang idong.. seram tak?

  3. ciklynda : hahahah.. kalau seram, cepat lagi selamatkan diri

    mimi : that’s becoz u haven’t got what it takes to be a true kartun.. practice the word Exkrefemisteriusium and u will become one of us, my child.. hahahah..

  4. uhh? wait2.. hang on..

    halim cakap : Seksi pulak tgk PSP dalam casing baru tuh! :p

    cik mimi ckap : mcm best jer psp tu..i should get one for myself..huhu

    cik mimi suka menda2 seksi? O.o

  5. asyik masuk tengok entry ni kan?
    dah bosan kan?
    tak de entry baru kan?
    ish ish ish ai dah bosan yu!


  6. ny : yelah… aku mane ader jalan2 amik gambar lembu @ kambing @ castle @ gambar pemandangan cantik @ gambar cik mimi yang comel… hehehe…

    ciklynda : huhuhu.. tengoklah, kalau larat… 😀

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