I’ve received an email from someone, attaching an image file of a letter.. these are the attachments..

Page one

Page 2

I find the content of the letter VERY DISTURBING, though it tells us little truth about our surroundings. A blogger who goes by the screen-name Ery Rahim does a little bit of investigation and it turns out that the auction company DOES EXIST. More on his thoughts here.

So, is this some kind of a sick joke, or does Mr Muralitharan here is trying to mock, provoke and challenge the Malay Muslims in Malaysia? It is true that there are SOME government officers who took up bribery, but the act of the few doesn’t always reflects on the whole policies, right?

Then he goes and mock Muslims who goes about raping their own child. I can provoke him, the hindu, by saying this :

Of course! Hindus don’t rape their child and got caught, becoz your religion teaches you to do that! There are many verse in your Vedas and Puranas, that your own book depicted your God to actually make love with their own child, a brother with his own sister etc..

Of course, that came out of my anger and that would lead to something nasty, right?

Then our Mr Muralithin mocked our solat. He said..

Pentadbiran tuan belum tahu erti sembahyang. Sembahyang lima kali kepada tuhan Allah. Orang Amerika hanya sembahyang sekali seminggu dan dia bersama negaranya maju. Melayu di Malaysia ini sembahyang lima kali dan mundur lagi. Jadi, hanya orang yang lemah sembahyang banyak kali. Bagi kami tiada apa-apa peraturan sembahyang dan kami suami-Isteri maju dalam banyak bidang. Tolong tuan maklumkan pada pentadbiran tuan supaya jangan gunakan selimut ‘Sembahyang’ untuk melayan rasa kemalasan pada hari Jumaat. Orang Amerika sembahyang 4 kali sebulan dan maju. Orang Melayu Malaysia sembahyang 150 kali sebulan dan masih rogol anak kandung sendiri.

Clearly, it’s Mr Muralithin who doesn’t know the meaning of Sembahyang. We, the muslims, called it Solat, a prayer to the Almighty Allah. We pray becoz WE ARE WEAK. Kita memang manusia yang lemah, comparing to Allah, of course we go and pray. I dunno if Mr Muralitharan sees himself as a formidable person, hence he can mock Islam and Malay.

Then the worst part is that this Hindu who goes by the name of Muralitharan mocked our prophets, Muhammad s.a.w, by degrading him to an animal status, a pig. He said.. I’m quoting..

Tuan, pada faktanya Nabi Muhammad dan Nabi Khinzir tiada bezanya

Now what does that tells you? He’s degrading our beloved prophet! Our prophet, whom we loved so dear, are being degraded by this person to a mere animal! What kind of sickness does our Mr Muralitharan have in his heart?

If he said that Malays are doing bad things becoz of Islam, then can I say that Hindu teaches his followers to act and think like Mr Muralitharan, to degrade people without proper proof? I know, the answer is obviously NO!

Clearly our Mr Muralitharan doesn’t just mock Malays in Malaysia, but also Muslims worldwide.

I hope this is just another sick prank and not something that our Mr Muralitharan did, becoz we already got his address and his telephone number.

And I hope the police would do something about this. This will clearly harms the harmony in Malaysia.

If our Mr Muralitharan or any of his associates are reading this, then I challenge Mr Muralitharan to proof to me this statement of his :

Tuan, pada faktanya Nabi Muhammad dan Nabi Khinzir tiada bezanya

Let’s see if he can proof what he said.

Can we say that Mr Muralitharan is the outcome of Hindu’s teachings?


12 thoughts on “Outrageous!

  1. ohhh pegilah sembelih…

    alamat dia ada kat blog ery rahim tuh.. click je kat link tuh.. hehehehe…

    tapi jangan salahkan orang nih 100%, tengoklah apa yang orang melayu dah tunjukkan kat orang2 bukan melayu? sikap kita sendiri yang banyak negative..

  2. Religion is a vast topic and it would not justify, if write without knowing the actual cause about what you guys are trying to say. So if someone could please translate the two parts of the letters in English, I am really interested.

  3. sure thing andy.. but given fact that I’m already heading home, I’ll email to you the content of the letter in English tomorrow, ok?

    or would you prefer if I put the translation into my new entry?

  4. ok andy..

    i’ve emailed it to your yahoo.co.in email…

    feel free to give your opinion.. thanks dude!

  5. I ‘m a Hindu, living in India and I am mortified by Muralitharans’ pathetic experience in his life. I believe he is a pig, and perhaps that’s the reason why he has not been accepted and encouraged by the Malay People.
    Whatever he has achieved so far, it’s just because of his so called little hard work, and definitely, not because he has a pure heart or the time he spends in pleasing the god. No God will forgive this man for the hatred he has for other religion and people.
    Discrimination against other races is not just in Malaysia it’s all over the world and India has not been excluded. Talking about corruption, no country can beat India. We must remind Mr. Murlitharan or people like him that no god or religion preaches us to hate others. I haven’t read Koran or Bhagwat Gita but I m certain that I ‘m not wrong. It seems, he is away from his country since long time and it’s my duty to remind him that things are not so different and blissful in India as well. We have to clean ourselves first. I still remember how one of my friends from Kashmere had problem searching for an apartment in the capital city. He is a Muslim and no one was ready to accept a Muslim tenant, as the whole locality was dominated by Hindu. Mr. Murlitharan should kill the hatred and start looking at other religion with respect, only then he will earn respect in every phase of life and every part of the world. Mr. Murlitharan owe an apology to what he has written to hurt the sentiments and value of the Malay people, he should be prosecuted and penalized as he remains impenitent about his actions and writings against Muslims and Humanity.
    Our duty as a young generation is to wipe out this kind of sick thoughts from a person like Mr. Murlitharan and make this world a place to live peacefully.

    I’m thankful for translating those letters to me and appreciate your effort to bring consciousness among the people of our society.

  6. Anand, I thank you for your opinion..

    yes, I believed that no religion teaches it’s followers to become racist and look down upon other religion.

    Even Islam teaches the Muslims to treat other religion with utmost respect…

    It’s an honor for me to translate the letters for you, Anand.

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