I miss her…

Salah satu gambar kahwin arwah Jiejie...

Salah satu gambar kahwin arwah Jiejie...

Ni adalah gambar kahwin arwah Jiejie. Lupa tarikhnya, masa tu saya budak hingusan lagi.

I’ve always looked up to her when I was such a nice and cute kid. She took the role of a mother, though my mother was still around. I always love hanging out with her, coz back in those days, I felt accepted in an adult society.

I grew up with her. She was the one who hid my Micro Genius’s power adapter becoz I was hooked to it day and night. (Hey, there was no such thing as Playstation nor Xbox back in those days, ya?). She was the one who bought for me my ‘Doraemon’ comics everytime she come home, be it from schools or work.

I never got the chance to tell her how much I love her, than she is the second best women that resides in my heart. (The first being my mother, and the third, my little sister).

But mind you, she’s VERY strict! I can’t stand her nagging, not to mention her fast hand. When she raised her hand, I know I’m gonna get slapped hahahah.

Jie jie, I love you. May Allah bless you with all of His Grace and all of His Glory.

I’ll see you at the Heaven’s Door, insya-Allah, and I will bring along your son and daughters. I will show them how you are strong, yet gentle, in living your life. I will teach them how to take good care of themselves, and how to save you ni the hereafter just like how you saved them in this world.

Take care Jie jie, I’ll see you soon.


3 thoughts on “I miss her…

  1. Semmoga ALLAH mencucuri rahmat keatas roh jiejie..bykkan berdoa dan tabah dalam menghadapi dugaan ALLAH kepada kita..sesungguhnya ALLAH lebih menyayangi dia..

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