Boycott ’em Jews?

Currently we have so many people around us, here, in Malaysia, that calls for a boycott on some Jewish products and/or those products whom supports the Jews.

It’s a good thing because that’s the least we can do to stop them from terrorising our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

But seriously, why do I get the feeling that EVERYTHING that I’m using have some sort of a connection with the Jews?

I’ve come across a website here, stating those Jewish-related (or Zionist-related, as my friend put it) products. I’m cool with this, but when I found out that Intel was part of ’em products which I am suppose to boycott, I’m starting to get a lil bit shaky here.

Plus, there’s IBM in that list. Good. Now, should we and the rest of Muslims community switch to Apple instead of IBM based computer? Oh, wait, Apple uses Intel chip set, don’t they?

There are also tonnes and tonnes of other products which is listed there. Unfortunately, they didn’t put in any proof that these products actually supports the Zionist movement, or did I lost track it?

What about the impact on OUR people working in those companies?

Did it occur to us all that the boycott would render most of our people jobless? Is there anyone out there that can give RM 1,200 per month for the Palestinian cause? That’s the average income of people working in the production sector.

The point is, most of the people that I came across, which shout out “Let’s boycott these Jewish-related product!” never give me the ample proof regarding their allegations. They just believe what other people told them to believe, and they didn’t do any research of their own. They just follow suit of what their friends/relative told me to.

Boycotting doesn’t effect just the Israelis (IF they can feel the effect in the first place) but it also affects our own people. Our own people might lose their jobs due to the drop in the “supply – demand” thingamajie (I’m not good at economy stuff, but hey, I think you all get the point, ya?).

Still, we should do something for the Palestinian, am I right? Boycotting is one way, but it won’t make a major difference due to the fact that we are not the Jews main customers. Boycotting won’t solve the problem NOW, but it would probably solve the problem for our children to come, in other words, the effect of our boycott would be felt in our childrens and grand-childrens time.We should inject our children with Islamic values, teaches them what the Quran says, and explain to them who is the Jews in the Islamic point of view. Teach them that Starbucks declared that they gave fundings to the Zionist. Tell them the story of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Let them now that Jihad is not just about going to war or killing the non-muslims.

I think, the things that we should boycott is those products of the Jews that we can’t touch with our hands.

Example, those movies and (sadly) video games which they produce.

Those movies sometimes put some sort of a ‘reprogrammed code’ which we call a ‘virus’ that spreads through the logical unit.

How many of us thinks that it’s cool to be King Leonidas and his 300 brave Spartans who defended their land up until they forgot that Prophet Muhammad and his 313 companions fought against approximately 1000 Meccans in the Battle of Badar, or Saidina Hussain and his 71 men fought against Yazid’s army in the Battle of Karbala?

Or how many of us thinks that it’s cool to become a messenger like Neo from The Matrix Trilogy that we forgot about Muhammad s.a.w. who brings glad tidings and stern warning from Him?

These are the things which we need to boycott, because although we can pinpoint the difference and held strongly to our religion, our children cannot.

They are prone to the subject of ‘programming’ of their brain. What they see is what they will be. Garbage in, garbage out. Imagine a 7 years old kid watching ‘300’ and wanting to become like King Leonidas. He would took a stick and wave it like a spear and screaming “Spartans!” or something like that, but later on he have no such feelings of adoration and respect for our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Imagine this 7 years old kid grew up to a 27 years old man who loved the movies and the characters more than he loved the characters from Islamic history.

And imagine this 27 years old man developed into a 37 years old man who’s a leader of some organization that loved to follow suit what the West have installed in his brain when he was 7, but have no idea about the history of Islam and it’s warriors.

It’s a serious problem which we should look into.

The person who’s suppose to carry these burdens are our leaders. They are the ones who give a loud claim that “Malaysia is an Islamic Country!” but the BEST they can do for the Palestinian is just saying in the public “Kami mengutuk tindakan rejim Israel”, then they go for a coffee and went home happily.

Then again, this is just my humble opinion. It does not reflect the whole teachings of Islam nor does it reflects the whole of Malaysians.


3 thoughts on “Boycott ’em Jews?

  1. i totally agree with your transferring culture to our children part. However unless we make a move today, more and more of our palestinian brothers and sisters are going to die. Thing is we JUST CANT STAND HERE WAITING wile kfc, mcdonalds and starbucks contribute their week’s revenue to Israeli artillery. Wile Pepsi goes on luring customers when its name itself spells Pay-Every-Penny-to Secure-Israel. We just can’t. However all these products have become so intertwined with our everyday lives that it becomes so difficult.

    We can take some alternatives. Take the example of Coca-Cola in the middle east, the boycott has hit them so hard that their sales are down 60%. This has created an opportunity for a Muslim alternative, ZamZam Cola of Iran, which is owned by the religious charity the Foundation of the Dispossessed, to take Coca-Colas share of the market. Zam Zam Cola is struggling to keep up with demand – it exceeded all expectations by selling four million cans in its first week. It is now planning to expand by build factories in the gulf states, helping provide local employment. And for the first time even European countries like Denmark, are importing ZamZam Cola. Let’s start with CHOOSING ALTERNATIVES like this. Boycott REALLY DOES WORK. Oh yes! For example, one of the companies hardest hit by the boycott is McDonalds.

    McDonalds is a “major corporate partner” of the Jewish United Fund. In its own words, the Jewish United Fund “works to maintain American military, economic and diplomatic support for Israel; monitors and, when necessary, responds to media coverage of Israel.” Also, McDonalds chairman and CEO Jack M. Greenberg is a honorary director of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry.McDonalds has just announced it is closing down its operation in the middle east due to loss of revenue as a direct result of the boycott (Oct 2002), and is replacing Greenberg as its chairman and CEO (Dec 2002). Since the launch of the boycott campaign, two of Jordan’s six McDonald’s franchises have closed due to lack of business. In Egypt, McDonald’s decided to change its brand name to Manfoods this past March, in an attempt to dodge the boycott. It had no effect and Egyptian police forces were ordered to guard the entrances to McDonald’s restaurants, after stone throwing incidents took place. A total of 175 restaurants will be closed at a loss of $350 million.

    In the face of giants like McDonalds crumbling under the pressure of the boycott, smaller companies are weary of supporting Israel and are steering clear in fear of being boycotted.

    So Can the boycott really effect the Israeli economy?

    Israel’s economy is on the verge of total collapse with no sign of recovery despite cash injections from uncle Sam. Just last month (Oct 2002) Sharon begged Washington for $10 billion in emergency aid. Inflation is sky rocketing – even the official figure is over 4 times the government target. VAT has just been raised as have fuel bills and all basic living costs like food and rents. Unemployment is soaring and salary cuts are the order of the day.

    This has resulted in a series of crippling general strikes – the last one bringing the country to a standstill – flight in and out of Israel had to be suspended, radio and television broadcasts stopped and health workers only dealt with emergencies. The streets are piling up with uncollected garbage.

    Foreign investment, a life-line for the zionist state, has also dried up. Figures reveal that investors have lost $5 billion of the $6.5 billion invested in Israel between 1999-2001. No one is prepared to invest any more.

    The Israeli government is so short of money that its cost cutting includes shutting down several embassies and consulates around the world!

    At this critical time, the importance of the global boycott of Israel and of the collaborating companies that give it its life-line cannot be overemphasised. Israel is counting every penny – every penny matters – ensure yours don’t go to Israel!

    there is a leaflet designed for printing available for download on the following page:

    Also there is an e-card with the logos of the companies to boycott which you can send to all your friends. Its available at the Islamic Card Centre:
    A culture to adopt now would be to talk to our Jew friends. Reminding them that Jews true to their faith CANNOT support the heinous Zionist movement. Reminding them that Christians, Jews and Muslims are fundamentally from the same God. And join hands with them to protest againsts Israel’s murders.

  2. yes, I totally agree with you.

    It’s just that I think it’s wee-a-lil-bit-too-late for us to boycott ’em just so that they would stop their tyranny on Gaza.


    We should have boycott this long before they even started the invasion.

    The Quran testifies that it’s the Jews that we should be careful off, but the bulk of Muslims do not heed the advice given from our Lord.

    That is why I believe that we should boycott ’em for our children to see, not for us.

    thank you for that vast info.. 😀

  3. it is not religious.

    tho all of our “teachers” tell us it is.

    it is not ethnic.

    tho many people claim that it is.

    it is not political.

    tho our leaders of all stripes say it is so.

    it is a class war.

    those with power and money seeking to keep everyone else working for them so they can retain power and money.

    the internet has allowed us a chance to break down the barriers of maginalization those in power have foisted upon us these many centuries.

    we are one people. the poor, the working, the weak, the hungry, and the sick.

    once was suppsedly said to “let them eat cake”.

    I say, let them taste the blade.

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