Si comot dari Sri Damansara.


Alieya Zara, Uncle Just loves you so much!

I’ll come back later and we go and have our ice-cream (tapi jangan bagitau ibu… hehehehe)

I’ll buy for you cikem and you can eat it to your heart’s content! (Cikem = Ciken = Chicken)

I’ll buy for you a new emon! (Emon = Elon = Belon)

To Kak Hanim, Anem, Bro Zainal…

Thanks for making my CNY Holiday the BEST holidays I’ve ever had!

I really missed Alieya right now. I can still feel her hugs when I carry her on my back and I can still hear her calling me “UNCLLLEEEEEE!!” (suara macam nak gadoh) when she’s taking her bath…

I can still remember her yell and laughters and smiles, those were the best smiles I’ve ever seen.

And who can forget her singing! She sings two songs which I humbly do not know the title of it but heck it certainly took away all of my problems. Maybe Anem can tell me the title -_-;;

Alieya Zara, Uncle Just loves you so much. May you grow up to become a good muslimah and uphold the Quran and Sunnah better than the rest of us do.

And Alieya, it’s “Ka’abah”, not “Abah”… 😛

Picture courtesy of Zainuddin @ Din’s magical touch and ideas. Thanks bro! You’re a legend when it comes to photoshop!


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