It was hectic

Pagi2 bangun, pegi kenduri Faka.

Tengahari pegi jam studio, practice.

Petang, pegi UTM, practice untuk demo.

Lepas maghrib, buat demo untuk jemputan VIP kat dinner Kolej 13 UTM

Lepas Isyak, buat performance untuk dinner yang sama.

Ahad, kerja.

I need a holiday… T_T

and I need my bloody paycheck damn it

*tukar topic*

I’ve always wondered about what’s the difference between a 720p and a 1080i.. as I have both of these settings on my TV. I wanted to get the best possible picture quality for my Xbox 360, hence I googled and youtubed around to get the best info. This video gave me the best understandings on the difference between the resolutions (720 vs 1080) vs the video format i (stands for interlaced) and p( stands for progressive).

Conclusion, 720p is better than 1080i.


4 thoughts on “It was hectic

  1. Doesnt matter 720p or 1080p, it depends on what your display is capable of. The only rule of thumb is to avoid, at all cost, the ‘i’

  2. Fird : Hell yeah bro! Akhirnya aku paham hahahaha..

    Artakus : Nope. If it’s a still picture, then I guess that “bigger number is better picture” rule applied. But on gaming, that doesn’t apply. Kalau ko tengok video tuh, ko akan faham kenapa 720p lagi better daripada 1080i

    Mimi : I certainly wish I could… T_T

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