The King of Pop, Rock, and Soul

Mikaeel Jackson

Woke up to the sound of an incoming sms.

Boey told me that MJ had passed away from a cardiac arrest.

I was once one of his big fans. Loved the way he sang his songs.

What’s great about him is that his songs touched the heart of people regardless of age.

“Billy Jean” was loved by an old man/lady and also by 5 years old kid.

And who could forget “The Way You Make Me Feel” ?

Not to mention his smooth dancing in “Smooth Criminal” .

He was truly magnificent when it comes to entertaining others. Though I no longer listen to the genre that he’s singing, I still love his songs.

Heard that he has reverted to Islam. I hope this is a true story and not some concocted ones just to make for fame.

Whatever it is, I am only assuming the best of possibilities, hence..

Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Mikaeel Jackson. May Allah accepted his repentance and bless his soul.

Mikaeel, we will miss you dearly!

p/s I hope he will get the proper funeral fit for a Muslim.


4 thoughts on “The King of Pop, Rock, and Soul

  1. Ny… THANK!!

    ko nih macam tau2 je minat aku hehehehehehe….

    oh yeah, heard that he’s not a Muslim and will be buried according to the Christian (Jehovah Witness) ‘s way.. awwww man…. T_T

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