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Horray. Sudah tahu macam mana nak amik screenshot untuk PSP. Ape lagi, terus diriku ini mengambil screenshot Dissidia miahahahahaha. Check it out!

Dissidia : Main Menu
Dissidia : Main Menu

Nih Main Menu dia. Boleh beli Character, Alternate Costume and stuff like that kat PP Catalog. Museum plak boleh tengok info pasal Character, Summons, etc.

Zidane (FF IX) : World Map
Zidane (FF IX) : World Map

Zidane of Final Fantasy IX in the somehow “World Map” . The hero is represented by it’s own “battle piece” while the opponent’s battle piece ranges, according to the difficulties and the status of the enemy. (Bosses will have a unique battle piece). Travel around on grid, while the numbers of move you have is represented by “Destiny Point” (on the top left-hand corner). “2” means that you can move around 2 times, regardless of how many grids you passed upon. The numbers of DP can go to negative, and when you’ve defeated the boss of the map (the right-hand side of the map. The one-of-a-kind battle piece).

The grid with the “?” is called “Enigma” . You can never know what is on top of it unless you move next to it’s grid and stop. It can be a summon stone, a treasure chest, or even an enemy.

Zidane Checking Out the Opponent's Status.
Zidane Checking Out the Opponent’s Status.

Here, Zidane is checking out the opponent’s status. Lv means it’s current level. The red stone means that the opponent has a summon stone with him, hence been able to summon. DP chance means that if you met the criteria (here it’s “Flawless victory”), you’ll get an additional bonus DP.

Prebattle Menu
Prebattle Menu

After engaging the battle piece, the pre-battle Menu will show up, showing a more detail status of the opponent. Here, we have Sephiroth, on level 70, along with his stats, equipment, and bonus stats.

Let’s look at the battle scene. I choose two of my favourite characters, Squall and Sephiroth.

Squall vs Sephiroth
Squall vs Sephiroth

Beats the traditional JRPG turned-based, aye? 😛

The horizontal blue bar and the small number below it represent the character’s health points. The big numbers on top of each bar is called “Bravery”. This is where the game is unique.

Each character has two types of attack, the bravery attack (with the circle button) or the HP attack (the square button). Bravery attack cuts down your opponent’s bravery and adds up to your own bravery, and when his bravery is dropped to zero, he suffers “break”. The HP attack is, well, true to the name, attack your opponent’s HP. The damage dealt to your opponent’s HP is equal to your bravery. The higher the bravery, the more damaging your HP attack is. This means that if a character suffers “break” (his Bravery is dropped below zero), he is not able to damage the opponents’ HP. Nice, huh?

The middle number represent the Field Bravery. If a character suffers “break” , the opponent will get bonus bravery from the Field Bravery.

The vertical bar represent EX bar. When the bar is full, the character can go into his EX mode using R + Square button. In this special mode, the character will enjoy status boast corresponding to his special traits (Sephiroth, for instance, can hover and fly around the stage when he’s in his EX mode). Their appearence also chance. Squall will change his weapon from his original Gunblade into his Lionheart. Cloud will change his weapon from Buster Sword to Ultima Weapon. Zidane will go into Trance. Sephiroth will change into his One-Winged-Angel appearence.

When in EX mode, successful HP attack will give the player a chance to go into some attacking frenzy. By pushing the square button after the initial HP attack connect, the character will attack the opponent using their special attacking thingamajie. In other words, they use their Limit Breaks. Check out Squall’s Renzokuken :

Initiating his Limit Break from Final Fantasy 8; Renzokuken.
Initiating his Limit Break from Final Fantasy 8; Renzokuken.

Squall moving in for his Limit Break.

Squall's Renzokuken
Squall’s Renzokuken

Yes, you will have to press the R button then the blue thing reaches the second column, just like the original game. 😀


Yup. After Renzokuken, Squall will automatically performed “Lionheart” , his most uber-dreaded-deadly Limit Break. Hey, at least this is NOT RANDOM like the original game… 😛

Lionheart WOOO HOOO!!
Lionheart WOOO HOOO!!

Ah, just like the good-old-days, aye?

Squall sedang titik si Seph hahaha
Squall sedang titik si Seph hahaha

Pukul dia! Pukul dia sampai dia mintak ampun! Lepas tuh pukul dia lagi!

Abeh dahh....
Abeh dahh….

Biasalah. Kalau si pemenang buat muka macho macam nih, itu bermakna sudah abeh lah dia punya special move hahahahaha. Typical Japanese RPG! 😛

Itu sahaja yang sempat di screenshot kan. Sape2 yang berminat, sila beli PSP.


p/s lepas nih nak belajar macam mana nak amik screenshot untuk Xbox 360 pulak. Boleh ker? o.O


Final Fantasy : Dissidia

Finally. Final Fantasy : Dissidia dah keluar kat PSP.

Dah lama betul tunggu game nih. Gamenye agak susah nak di fahami (yelah, nama pun game Square-Enix, memanglah susah nak faham! hehehehehe) , but once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy the game even more!

Yang bestnya, dia gabungkan 2 character daripada setiap Final Fantasy (1 protagonist, 1 antagonist), something like Cosmos (the good guy, well, she’s a girl actually.. ^_^ ) summoned the heroes from all of the Final Fantasy universe and Chaos (the bad guy) summoned all the villain from the same realm.

Ini bermakna kita boleh gaduh dengan Sephiroth (FF7) menggunakan Squall (FF8), gaduh dengan Ultimecia (FF8) menggunakan Zidane (FF9) and so forth muahahahaahhahaha. I loike!

Battle dia pulak bukan macam typical JRPG, dia lebih kepada fighting. Something like Kingdom Heart 2 ‘s battle system (siap ada something like a Reaction Command just like KH2), but this time you take the villain one on one. Mano a mano.

Antara karakter-karakter yang ada kat dalam game nih adalah :

Final Fantasy
Hero     : Warrior of Light
Villain   : Garland

Final Fantasy II
Hero     : Firion
Villain   : The Emperor

Final Fantasy III
Hero     : The Onion Knight
Villain   : Cloud of Darkness

Final Fantasy IV
Hero      : Cecil Harvey
Villain    : Golbez

Final Fantasy V
Hero      : Bartz Klauser
Villain    : Exdeath

Final Fantasy VI
Hero      : Terra Branford
Villain    : Kefka Palazzo

Final FantasyVII
Hero     : Cloud Strife
Villain   : Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VIII
Hero     : Squal Leonhart
Villain   : Ultimecia

Final FantasyIX
Hero     : Zidane Tribal
Villain   : Kuja

Final Fantasy X
Hero     : Tidus
Villain   : Jecht

Final Fantasy XI
Hero     : Shantotto
Villain   : –

Final Fantasy XII
Hero     : –
Villain   : Gabranth

I’ve just got my hands on the game, hence there’s so many things that I need to learn first. Gilo. Orang lain study macam2, aku study macam mana nak main game hahahahaah. Hey, I’m a child at heart, mmmmmm’kay?

Oh, btw, dah masuk Ramadhan. It’s been tiring, I have no idea why, though. Best berbuka kat rumah. Dan best jugak bila berbuka kat rumah Nor dengan Khumaira, Mak Ngah, and Iman. Si Iman tuh sangat kepoh, penat aku nak melayan hahahahahahaha. Starting to love ’em all.

Gaji masih tak dapat. Ntah bila nak bayar, aku pon tatau. Nak buat ape2 pon tak boleh skarang. T_T Nasib baik P.E ada, kalau tak, aku tak main Dissidia tuh.

Kepada mereka yang suka hati tok nenek abah dorang nak ignore aku, terpulanglah. Aku tak marah, cume aku menyampah. Tak payah nak buat-buat baik dengan aku. Tak payah nak pura-pura happy bila jumpa aku. Kau ada life kau, kau pegi jalan hidup kau. Kerja aku dah selesai. Kau pegi aje happy-happy dengan kawan-kawan kau yang sedia ada. Aku bukan kawan kau.

Kawan yang baik pasti akan share berita suka dan berita duka.

Kawan yang baik takkan bertanya dengan kasar “Apsal plak aku kene bagitau kau?” bila diajukan soalan dengan cara yang baik.

Bila aku berkawan, aku berkawan betul2. Once orang yang self-claim “kawan” aku start buat aku rasa macam sampah, then that’s it.

You have no say in my life anymore. Pergilah enjoy hidup kau elok-elok. Jangan lupa Allah, Rasul, dan mak bapak kau.